One of the most influential economists ever, was John Maynard Keynes.
But despite pointing it out in the opening paragraphs of his publication entitled ‘A Tract on Monetary Reform’ (Macmillan) published in 1923, Keynes failed to address one key issue about inflation which is vitally important. Read More


Please note that not all of the reviewers have studied the entire book / course. That mostly applies to the proposed currency and management systems. Reviewers who have, include Dr T Chowa and Riekie Cloete. Tim Hosking is well on the way.

Dr T Chowa, Lecturer (Actuarial Science & GSB), ex NUST, writes: “There is literally no other person who has looked further and seen further with such clarity as Edward Ingram.”
Riekie Cloete is an experienced macro-economist and past mentor of post-graduate students. She writes, “This Ingram School is the first I have ever seen which addresses the critical issues head on and in a sound, academic way.”
Dr Rabi N. Mishra, Economist, and a Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India writes: “This will inspire rethinking on the perimeters of economic thought and theory, and their practical use in policy making.” Read More

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